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Turkish Towels 101

Author: Scylla Technologies

Towels are one of the most frequently used yet underrated items in our lives. We use it every day when we go for a shower, wrap things with it, or spread it on the beach for a warm, cozy lie-down. This small, fluffy, and comfortable piece of fabric acts as a blanket for covering when we are cold and sometimes double as a makeshift bag when there is no other option. You might not think a lot about it, but a towel offers much more than just some clothing hanging somewhere in the bathroom.

Turkish towels date back hundreds of years since the Ottoman Empire period when Turkish Hamman bathers used them to maintain their privacy, but recently, they’ve become popular as people are taking to larger and softer towels. Although these towels are typically large, they are are also thinner and softer than most along with many other fine qualities that make them unique. They are so popular you must have seen them displayed at stores or spread out on beaches. But what are Turkish towels and why are they so special?

What are Turkish Towels?

To begin with, Turkish towels are made from Turkish cotton, premium cotton with extra-long fibers, which yields stronger, smoother threads. This is why they are super soft, fluffier, and more comfortable than your regular towel. Furthermore, Turkish towels become softer and better with every wash and use.

Turkish towels are quite unique compared to their traditional counterparts. Their colors, stylish designs, and prints are much more appealing than other typical beach or bath towels. Turkish towels don’t come in harsh tones, but they always look pretty in their pastel colors and simple stripe or triangle patterns. While these small changes may be nothing to you, they largely impact your beach trips and make them much more classy.

What Makes Turkish Towels Stand Out

Unlike traditional towels, Turkish towels don’t just absorb more water but they also dry quickly, meaning you don’t have to deal with any musty smells. Turkish towels save you the hassle of regular laundering since they use less cotton as material, takes less space in the washing machine, use less water and energy. This balance makes Turkish towels extremely popular and loved by people all over the world. These towels are also travel-friendly since they are thin and lightweight and don’t add to the bulk.

Turkish towels can even be used as wraps and throws and rolled up for support. The lightweight nature of the towels means they use less material and are far more energy-efficient than a typical terry cloth towel.

Turkish towels are not just soft and stylish, they are also sand-free. This means sand doesn’t cling to its surface and can be easily shaken. Also, while its large size allows it to covers a greater area of sand on the beach, its thin material makes it easy to collapse into a smaller size and tuck away in a beach or pool bag.


Turkish towels offer an innovative towel choice heralding a new generation of towels for bath, beach, or any other use. Their versatility, low cotton-use, space-saving, and affordability due to their high demand make them a must for your ne